2013 Jan 26th to 28th ExtremeCarving Session,Zinal,Switzerland

ExtremeCarving Session 2013: Jan 26th to 28th,Zinal,Switzerland

The meeting takes place in the typical and small village of Zinal (Switzerland), the home of Swoard. At the altitude of 2900 m the panorama is just amazing. The participants can carve laid turns on the dream slopes that are shown in the Swoard movies, with the best specialists of the extremecarving discipline. A black slope, perfectly groomed, is reserved for us every morning.

The level of most participants has incredibly raised since the first session, which had been organized at the request of the community over Internet. This event has become very popular with more than 230 snowboarders (from 15-20 countries) who want to push their limits still further.

During the three days of the event, the snowboarders are sharing their passion and experiences. Many friendships appear or get stronger. The stands on the snow, the bars, the Saturday dinner and other activities are contributing to the excellent atmosphere around this unforgettable experience.

More than 30 demo boards will be made available for anyone who would like to test the SWOARD Extremecarver. It is also the opportunity to find the board that is best suited to your size / weight / shoes-size. Remember to bring your favorite bindings and hard boots as this equipment will not be supplied. More than 12 demo boards of the model SWOARD Dual will be available too.

You will be filmed and photographed! On Saturday evening: big dinner for everyone, screening of the day filming in the main hall of the village and "after party" for the 10 YEARS anniversary!

Monday Jan 28th is a day not to be missed as there will be no large crowds on the slopes.

> What is important in 2013?

Don't miss this 10th session to celebrate Swoard as well as the EC technique that this small brand has created… and that has become so popular thanks to you.

The number of participants is limited to 250 persons. This is the maximum possible for this small resort, the hotels and the main hall. It's also important to keep the safety on the slopes and the quality of the event.

The blue, red and yellow packages give access to the Saturday dinner (with distribution of a surprise gift), the activities and the stands. They include two tickets for cups of "warm wine" at the stands from 15:00.

Important: all packages must be purchased BEFORE the meeting.


Author: jax