Andreas Promegger

Andreas Promegger

dal sito della Apex Sport(Carbon Race Plates)

One of the most consistent athletes on the FIS tour, Andi has captured the overall Crystal Globe in two consecutive seasons. Since 2004, Andi has stood on the podium an astounding 33 times, 16 of those in the past 3 seasons.

We got to hang with Andi after the Sudelfeld race and asked him a few questions:

1. How did you get started in snowboard racing?

I started snowboarding in 1992. My cousins took me with them and showed me how carving works. A little bit later i participated in my first racing competitions.

2. What equipment do you use?

Boards: Kessler
Boots: UPZ
Bindings: F2
Plate: Apex
3. How did you choose your equipment and what affect has it had on your riding?

I switched from F2-Board to Kessler in 2006. Before 2006 i had a lot of good results and World Cup podiums but no victory. In my second race on a Kessler Board I won my first World Cup. So it was the right decision 🙂

I first tried an Apex Race Plate in March 2010, borrowing it from Jasey Jay Anderson. I was very surprised how the riding felt on this plate. That`s why I immediately bought one.

With the Apex Race Plates, riding from edge to edge is more comfortable.

4. What was your most important or memorable race?

The most important race for me was the World Cup in La Molina, Spain in 2007 where I had my first victory in World Cup – because I had to wait a long time until my first big win. Another memorable race was the home World Cup in Jauerling, Austria on the 13th of January 2012 where about 6000 spectators where watching the event. It was a great feeling to stand on top of the podium when 6000 Austrians are celebrating with you.

5. Judging from Facebook posts, it seems like the Austrian team is very close with lots of bonding events. Are you good friends with your teammates? What's the funniest/craziest thing that happened on the road?

The Austrians are a very big and successful snowboard team. It is very important, that the atmosphere is good in a big team, because we are traveling together most of the year. I feel very good in the team because there are all good characters. We often had funny "roadtrips" in the US. Once we traveled with a big Chevy Suburban around the MOAB National Park in Utah. There was a lot of snow and we where riding offroad until we stuck in the snow and there was no way to get forward or backward. A Ranger had to help us 🙂

6. Now that you're a father, how has that affected your career?

I can say, that it was the best thing for me to become father. My little daughter Laura (she was born on 20th of August 2011) is awesome. I can`t wait to get back to family again when I am traveling around the world. Snowboarding now is the most beautiful "alongside employment"

7. Do you have any plans for a career after snowboarding?

I started police academy in Austria in 2007 and finished the academy last summer of 2011. Now I am a policeman and later I will start working there. And sometime in future, Susanne and I will become a bigger family with a little sister or brother for Laura.

Author: jax