Donek Snowboards New Board Models‏

Donek Snowboards New Board Models‏

I nuovi modelli Donek per il 2016





Banked Slalom


We started work on this board over a year ago with Mike Shea.  He's been killing it in every race, so we think we've got a winner.  Check it out.





Saber SRT

Elite Level Boardercross


It's been described as the dampest, smoothest, and fastest boardercross board ever made.  We spent 3 years developing this.  If you've spent time on Donek Saber or comparable BX snowboard, the SRT will get you to the podium beyond the national level.  Check it out.






Time for the pipe?  Go big or go home!


It's always been our philosophy that a halfpipe contest is a race from lip to lip.  When Canadian Olympic team member Katie Tsuyuki and her coach Crispin Lipscomp came to us with a similar idea, we finally had the opportunity to develop something meaningful.  Check it out here.






Podium Level Performance for the Growing Racer


Imagine a junior version of our world cup REV model in a budget conscious fiberglass construction.  That's exactly we did with the Pulse.  Check it out here.






A Freecarver that Packs Some Punch


We've gone back to a freecarve board with pure camber and a fixed sidecut radius returning that explosive pop that so many carvers love(d). If you fell in love with carving more than 8 years ago and miss those non-metal boards, this is like going to your high school reunion and finding your crush is still single.  Check it out here.



Author: jax