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Nuovi D&GSS

Nuovi D&GSS

Nuove versioni per i sistemi a molla D&GSS anche in versione per Raichle Deeluxe

Goltes Pro Carve Michael.A

Goltes Pro Carve Michael.A.

Da Bomber

Goltes Ultra Carve

Nel post originario l'autore parla di Supreme Carve ma da quello che scrive credo che si parli di Pro Carve anche dalle foto.

I was already in the market for a board to replace my aging F2 RS 177 for all mountain riding when I tested Jani's wares during the WCS in Austria last year.

Coiler Stubby 172 kipstar

Coiler Stubby 172 kipstar

Da Bomber


Hello all, as we get to the end of another season, I had the pleasure of receiving a new coiler stubby, which replaces my coiler stubby 168 where I had a bit of a prang and popped some of the top sheet off (hopefully Masahiko's repair will make the board riding well again).

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