Club-Ski CERN ch snowboard tutor: Advanced Carving (Flexion Turns).

Tutor – Advanced Carving (Flexion Turns)

In Brief

So far the turns we have examined have assumed that the unweighting has been performed by extension. This provides quite smooth wide carves. In the advanced carve you must unweight by flexing the knees. This provides a much quicker and tighter turn, but it is a very difficult turn for many students to achieve. This carve turn, whilet used is racing is also important. for moguls and off-piste skiing. Before learning this turn you must have perfected the Basic Carve Turn. This is what the is known in French as virage avec flexion..

Perfecting the Advanced Carve Turn

  • Choose an appropriate terrain such as moguls.

  • It is necessary to do a small, subtle extension before initiaiting the turn followed by a strong and forceful flexion of the knees and a driving into the carve.

  • Perfect the turn on moguls before advancing to a flat piste.

Common Pitfalls

Often students manage one or two isolated turns, but then resort to the standard carve by extension.


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