Club-Ski CERN ch snowboard tutor: Accelerated Carve Turn.

Tutor – Accelerated Carve Turn

In Brief

Before learning this turn you must have perfected the Basic Carve Turn.
The accelerating carve turn is characterised by a thrusting of the bodyweight forward during the initiation of the turn.
This is what the is known in French as
virage avec propulsion.

Perfecting the Accelerating Carve Turn

  • On a flat piste practice moving forward by thrusting your body back and forward along the longditudanal axe of the snowboard

  • Add an "ollie" to the Basic Carve Turn so that the edge change is performed in the air (not on the ground)

Common Pitfalls

Often students try not simply to edge-change in the air, but also to initiate the rotation.
This actually has the reverse effect (i.e. decelerates you) in that the snowboard lands sidewards and hence side-slips which dramatically loses speed.
Ensure the rotation begins once the snowboard has landed and not before.



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