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What does power mean to you? For me, pure power is the ability to get my muscles to generate the most energy from my snowboard, creating rocket-fast speed in every turn! I perform an intense power phase throughout the summer, focusing on basic strength in the weight room, explosive Olympic lifts, plyometrics (jumping exercises) and agility training.


We live and play in multiple planes of motion, at varying speeds, with uneven forces.  Every day we "Battle" against forces which challenge our posture, stability and balance in three dimensional space (3D). If we move and engage in sports in three dimensions, doesn't it make sense to train in 3D? Imagine hitting a golf ball, lifting your child into a car seat, or lugging around a heavy suitcase in the airport; all these activities are done standing upright, with tension that is loaded from one side of the body (asymmetrical loading.)  However, in the gym we often train in linear or straight planes of motion (ie: bicep curls, leg press, seated shoulder press, etc.) You can do what you love, do it longer and perform at higher levels with proper 3D training!

I include a regular RipCoreFx training routine into my workouts a few times a week.  It’s an awesome workout; I love it.  It helps keep my core strong and my back healthy and happy.  I am also teaching a RipCoreFx class weekly at the Aspen Club & Spa.  Join me for a great athletic workout.  I will help you fine tune your movement patterns for optimal, injury free performance.  For more information on the RipCoreFx visit,  To register for my class go to


Power without coordination is like a bull in a china shop. You’re just asking for disaster. To harness my power in a coordinated fashion, I do a variety of complimentary activities to enhance my motor skills and balance on the snow. Some of my favorite activities include surfing, kiteboarding, skateboarding and mountain biking. This is an easy category for me; it’s all the things I love to do anyhow. My motto is keep the training fun! My workouts in the gym have evolved as well to more functional snowboard specific training sessions to mimic what I do on my snowboard.


Power and coordination are important ingredients, but without stamina and cardiovascular conditioning you’ll run out of gas and be a done deal. It’s impossible to endure a long training day of ten to fifteen runs and more importantly, advance eight heats in a parallel final to claim a podium without aerobic strength. In the summer I spend a lot of time on my mountain and road bikes to stay fit and run regularly in the winter when on the road.