The History of Snowboards. ALH

The History of Snowboards. ALH

The History of Snowboards
12/20/2012 / ALH MONICA LEE

The snowboard: curved at the ends and almost straight in the middle.

Made for the snow but the origin of it stems from surfing. From its modest past, the snowboard has evolved into a part of culture throughout the years, as snowboarding has became a popular recreational and competitive activity. The boards themselves have seen a considerable amount of history and change during that time.

1960 – Known as the “snurfer,” the first real snowboard was as strange as it was effective. The first real snowboard hit shelves in 1960 and appeared as a strange crossover between a plywood sled and a skateboard deck. There was a rope that was tied to the front of the board to offer the rider some control, while steel tacks poked through the upper deck to hold a rider’s feet in place.

Similar to today’s society, the first snowboarders that rode their own contraption were highly frowned upon by a majority of skiers. They were not even allowed to ride the regular slopes skiers rode.