BE1 Custom Snowboards. Patrick Andereggen.

Hi Jacopo
Thanks for you message.

I am the head of be1 custom snowboardsWe are three people. Me Stefan and Reto.


My sections are development, production, distribution

Stefan development and production

Reto marketing an webdesign

We build boards for all riders. Primarily carving boards.

I have begun to build real custom board because we are all different.

Also i build unique and different boards.

Materials kevlar, triax glass fiber, carbon, titanal 0.2 – 0.5 mm, alutex ( a special aluminium fiber) i take high end designs in gold ore platin, sometime with Swarovski Stones.

We developed a new stepin binding.

Everything is on time in the patent process.

The plate rigs are no longer needed then, and the driver again determines what board do.

I coach the riders in extreme carving technic.

all the rest its on my webside

the translate comming soon in english and russian.







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