Bomber cambia proprietario

Bomber cambia proprietario

Con un breve annuncio Fin Doyle ne ha dato notizia

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A Message From Fin at Bomber Industries

It's a new era for Bomber

I started Bomber Industries close to 23 years ago with the idea to make a better binding. That was it. No business plan, strategy, or even a clue what it was going to do and change in my life. I was a recently graduated engineer who just wanted to snowboard. 23 years later Bomber Industries is a huge part of my life and has allowed me to do so much and to meet so many great people. I have always had a conflict in our industry as the businessman in me wants to see it grow to be huge, but the hard booter in my loves we are a small tight group. The fact I can see another hard booter on the hill, ride-up, and say “howdy” is awesome. This is a great industry to be in has been some of the best years of my life.

On Friday May 15th I sold Bomber. It was time. Both Michelle and I had been at it a long time and, I’ll toot my own horn here, and say we kept it alive and growing from those dark days of the mid 90’s when we almost fell off the radar completely as a sport. But it now needs a new and fresh approach and I believe the new owners will do just that. I’ll let them introduce themselves below but I can tell you this, these guys are very committed to hard boot snowboarding and I know they will be a great force is supporting not only the industry but individuals like you. If you have been to a Summit Expression Session in Aspen you know them and you know how friendly and helpful they are. They will do a great job.

As announced before, Michelle has moved to southern Colorado to open a restaurant and is doing great. I plan to spend a lot more time with my start-up company, Sulas Industries, that has developed a new and innovative solar technology. You can learn more about it here at our website: After watching our winters slowly shrink, I find I can get involved and help the bigger problem. Time will tell.

I will still be involved with Bomber to help with the transition and other production type activities. Thank you all again and I will miss the day to day interaction with the people/riders in this great sport. So with that, I would like to introduce…….


About Us
Over the last five years, Jim and I have collected a dog, got engaged, acquired another dog, got married and collectively spent over 600 days on the hill doing what we love. Together, we have known Fin for almost 20 years, and we are honored to have the legacy of Bomber entrusted to our care.  We’re excited to share our passion with you and with others to see Alpine Snowboarding – and Bomber – reach new heights!

About Angie

I am an east-coast native, growing up outside of Pittsburgh. After attending Carnegie Mellon, I relocated to Boston where I practiced as a Civil Engineer. I lived in the basement of a house that belonged to my best friend from college, Vanessa, and her soon to be husband, Todd Brown; some of you might know him as ~tb on the forum!

On my 23rd birthday, Vanessa and Todd took me snowboarding for the first time, and I was hooked immediately. I opted for traditional soft boots and eventually transitioned to hardboots when I went to my first ECES in 2006. I was supposed to be there for two days and got a concussion (on my first day in hard boots) that gave me a great call-in-to-work-sick excuse, so I stayed for the week. 

In 2007, I had the opportunity to fly by the seat of my pants once again and come to SES on a whim. Vanessa called me on Monday morning and said “I don’t know what you need to do, but you need to get out here.” In hindsight, I think it was a joke, but the next day I was on a plane heading WEST for the first time. I fell in love with Colorado and with the community of people we call Bomber. 

I knew Colorado was where I wanted to be and, in the fall of 2008, I relocated to Breckenridge thanks to a transfer opportunity through my engineering firm. I embraced the Colorado lifestyle – and the glorious snow conditions – and thanks to the help of quite a few Bomber regulars, I became the rider I always dreamed of being. 

To cut to the chase, things changed drastically in 2010 when, on the first day of SES at Buttermilk, I bumped into Jim Callen on the hill. It was our first time meeting, although we knew of each other from the forum. Later that afternoon at the Bumps party, Jim came over to chat and, essentially, the rest is history as hardbooter love was born. Four months later, I moved to Aspen and moved away from engineering to more personally rewarding pursuits, which have helped pave the way that's lead us here today! 

About Jim 

Growing up in Syracuse, NY, I had plenty of friends who snowboarded from a young age, but I didn't get my start until age 15. My friends finally convinced me to go riding with them, and I was given a 5 minute tutorial on how to strap in and skate around a bit, taken to the top of the lift and told “See you next run!” I made my way down, hating my friends but enjoying myself despite the grapefruit-size knees I went home with.

Due to a demanding swim schedule, time for snowboarding was limited until college. I discovered the school’s ski club and the season passes it provided to four different “mountains” in the greater Buffalo area, and I took it upon myself to schedule my classes around the riding I wanted to do.

I eventually got into racing and watched all of Cam Farrell’s kids at Holimont destroy me with their alpine setups. My curiosity piqued, I finally tried hardboots at the local hill where I was teaching during winter break my sophomore year. I flailed and floundered, yet still enjoyed the heck out of it, and from that point on I was hooked.  

After some online searching I found Bomberonline, and while lurking and questioning for a bit, I was able to secure a used setup from Dave Morgan. After seven days on hardboots, I decided to make my way to the 2004 ECES at Sugarloaf.

Holy crap that mountain was big! It was my first big mountain experience, but the guys I met didn’t know that, and there I found myself on the the King Pine chair with Shred Gruumer and Helmut Karvlow.  I had never been on a run so high, or so steep before, but watching those guys take off down the hill I thought: “I’ve got this."  Yeah, I didn’t.  I exploded nearly every turn, but I made it down, albeit battered and bruised, with the guys surprised I was in one piece.  

I fell in love with the mountains that week and a few short months later I made my way to Aspen. Fast forward 11 years, and I have the combination of Aspen and Hardbooting to thank for my wife (who I proposed to on the very spot on Buttermilk where we met during SES 2010) and a newly acquired, killer snowboard company.


Author: jax