BOMBER: New Boiler Plate 4mm Lite now available

Fin Doyle, boss e mentore di Bomber on Line ci ha scritto per segnalarci la uscita dell'ultima evoluzione della Boiler Plate che grazie alla esperienza fatta sul campo si è evoluta in questa ultima versione, più leggera e più fina rastremata al centro in modo da permettere il pedaling, cioè la gestione della torsione della tavola tramite il lavoro dei piedi.

Bomber now offers the offers a third model of our high performance Boiler Plate system: the 4mm Lite.

This model represents a totally new core shape for the BP.
The original BP core is 9mm thick and approximately 150mm at its widest point.
The new core is 6mm thick and is 75mm wide.
Also, you will notice the overall shape of the plate has been reduced in the “waist” significantly.
These changes allow the rider to manipulate the board more by allowing for a “pedal” action, but at the same time still works as an isolating device by maintaining a certain amount of longitudinal firmness.

Construction is all the same as all BP models:

  • Pre-preg high tensile carbon fiber
  • Compression molded
  • Can be used with either 4 hole or UPM hardware
  • All 5mm hex key hardware
  • Multiple axel placements
  • Bomber fantastic one year warrantee

You can see more details and description at the Boiler Plate page at the Bomber Store HERE.

Author: jax