Coiler AM VSR XTight Reg. Asym 165 February 16th, 2011Mike T

Easiest riding alpine board I have been on.
Turny as hell. Didn't get a chance to test grip, nothing firm enough when I rode it.
Extremely forgiving flex pattern.
Well behaved, obedient, compliant.
Rode back to back with my SL Asym 161; both boards have very similar effective edge, and sidecut; the SL is according to Bruce slightly stiffer under the back foot and has a different layup.
The SL is far more energetic, snappy, entertaining.
Given how good the SL was during our recent bout of ice-coast weather @ Bachelor, I can only imagine how grippy this AM must be on that stuff.
Great in crud, capable in powder although I wish I had tried it with F2s instead of SWs in the pow.

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Author: jax

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