Donek WC GS 184 February 16th, 2011Mike T

This is the 2010/2011 model, the brown one. 14/24 sidecut. Stupid easy to ride.
Crazy damp. Insanely stable. Didn't ride it with a plate, but it kinda felt like it had a plate on it.
Blew through mid-day chop really well.
This has come a ways since last year's model, the flex pattern is more balanced, less squishy in the middle, better ability to change directions quickly.
Didn't get a chance to take it down anything steep; wish I had.
Not particularly eager to be leaned waaaaaayyy over but does it of you put the effort into it. If you want a big, fast Cadillac ride then this is a great choice.

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Author: jax

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