Goltes Pro Carve Michael.A

Goltes Pro Carve Michael.A.

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Nel post originario l'autore parla di Supreme Carve ma da quello che scrive credo che si parli di Pro Carve anche dalle foto.

I was already in the market for a board to replace my aging F2 RS 177 for all mountain riding when I tested Jani's wares during the WCS in Austria last year.

I wanted a board that would be good for the frequently rutted, icy, and narrow slopes we have in Poland/Czech Rep, something in between a slalom and GS board but a step down for freecarving purposes and with metal to smooth out the ride. I was really set on a Donek Proteous but the cost and shipping fees would have killed me, so I was really happy when I found this board as a great replacement, especially factoring in the price.

The conditions in Austria were a good test bed, high temps led to slushy mogul fields that around 3pm began to freeze over. Wwhile I preferred the 180 as I'm more into big boards, I thought the 173 would better meet my requirements and went on to bag the demo I rode on.

The 173 I got has a soft flex in the nose and waist and stiffer tail. For my weight (90kg) I could even say it is too soft but has incredible edge hold especially on ice and the hard stuff. The 12 m sidecut is just right for riding in more crowded conditions and narrow slopes. Included were a pair of Goltes race plates, basically a pair of plastic risers that are curved at the bottom with some foam padding, allowing the board to progressively flex while also protecting the titanal layer from undue stress. I havent tried the board without the plates for warranty reasons but tried it on a F2 RS 183 and the difference is notable, something like a 20-30% smoother ride and added edge hold. 

The topsheet is ptex or similar to ptex, it's completely converted me to this kind of material. Supposedly it allows for a uniform top/bottom flex, for me aesthetically it is gold. I can let it get dull or wax it and have it shine. Scratches and bindings can easily be waxed over, worst case scenario I'll give the topsheet a grind to have it look like new. 

I've ridden it now in pretty much everything, blue ice, on a crust of death cookies, hardpack, fresh groom etc and it has been incredibly predictable, stable with good torsional stiffness , just the right amount . Unfortunately by the third day I noticed that the titanal started to delam by the nose. Even though this was a demo board Jani offered to replace it at no cost. He shipped not only an identical 173 but also included  another 173 but far stiffer and see which one works better! I decided to stay with the soft version as the flex was just perfect for what I wanted, but opinion was divided after a few friends tested the board. Those more into 'race style' and who liked speed preferred the stiffer one, saying their technique didnt work with the soft board or that the longitudinal flex was just too soft throughout the board. I like finishing my turns and getting low but also going fast, so who knows. The board has just a bit of camber underneath the feet, like 0.5 cm, this combined with the titanal offers a very stable ride but is obviously lacking in pop. This is one thing I wish there was more of, either through adding more carbon fiber and reactive wood and greater camber to make this board more lively.

Author: jax