Nuove Vist-Flex

Nuove Vist-Flex

La VIST ha fatto delle nuove piastre che sfruttano gli attacchi delle Allflex.

Sono in POM e alluminio.


Dear all
I’m glad to announce our new snowboard plate…..the VIST-FLEX.
Please find enclosed some images.
The plate will be fixed on the given inserts on most of the boards and can be adjusted in the center to give to the board more or less flex.
VIST-FLEX will be available in a female and man version and we’ll have 25 pieces of each model ready for end of July.
For the first test series we have a special test-price : 490,00 Euro
The plates are given to the fastest buyer.
After this first production, we’ll plan a second launch for November.
This are the prices once the plate is on the market:
–        Retail price : 990,00 Euro
–        Price for athletes with FIS license : 690,00 Euro
Here the codes for the new VIST-FLEX plate:
man version (width of 190mm) :   VISTFLEX-MAN
female version (width of 174mm) :   VISTFLEX-WOMAN
Please let me know if you have any question.

Best regards
Michael Stampfer
Sales Manager
m.stampfer at


Author: jax