Pogo Snowboards Martin Sammet

1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usaual spot e/o preferred spot.
Martin Sammet, 15.11.1962, Snowboardbuilder, La Grave, Arlberg.

2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing.
All kind of Pogoboards
Bindings: F2 Intec Soft Stepin, Pogo Intec, Bomber Intec.
Boots: F2 Intec Soft Stepin, Deeluxe Track 700.
Goggles: Julbo.
Clothing: Millet, Marmot

3 Since when you are on hard snowboarding.
Since 1985 with the first Fritschi Platebinding and Lowa Skitouringboot.

4 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal , plates.
Rocker: good for Powder.
MultiRadius: we use that since the early 1990's.
Taper: good for some stuff, I prefere not too much of it. 
Carbon fiber: too fragile for my taste, I prefere CarbonKevlar.
Titanal: very powerful and grippy, more fragile than regular construction.

6 What could help the raise back of the hard snowboarding.
There should be Boot/Binding systems with a more comfortable look and feel and stepin system, to attract People who do not like to sit in the snow to buckle the soft binding or which are not attracted by the raceoriented style of the Hardbinding/Boots

7 Training techniques.
Just riding and having fun

8 Whath to say at whom is starting.
Choose a comfortable boot and go for it.

9 Whath to say at whom has already.

See point 7.

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