Prospect snowboards

Prospect snowboards

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La PS ha realizzato un nuovo modello di snowboard hard, un allround che può essere utilizzato sia con gli attacchi hard che quelli soft.
Il prezzo poi è assolutamente concorrenziale, sul volantino c'è scritto 550 dollari americani ma simulando l'ordine vengono fuori 448 USD (ad oggi 31 luglio 2014 circa 335€).

STG1 All mountain Alpine



This alpine freeride, all mountain, racing hybrid marks a new era at Prospect, Dubbed the “STG1″ or “Shred the Gnar 1″ is a collaboration with race coach Brent Alderman (NASTAR).  An accomplished slalom water skier and snowboard racer, Brent worked with us to develop a racing snowboard that is affordable for kids and adults that want to join snowboard racing leagues.  We came up with a design that allows both hardboot systems or softboot bindings to be used.  We used the fastest race base we can get our hands on, and it works great with our graphite wax formula available in the softgoods section.  Its a bummer to us to see racers assume that they need a board that is twice the cost to compete only to end up never racing because the expense is out of reach.  Whats way more fun to us is to beat the racers that have those “Primo” alpine racing snowboards with a shred stick at half the cost.
Extending Edge is our biggest development that we bring into the alpine world.  A 10cm flat camber section is placed on the nose. In early race stages the edge along the section of camber is used for quicker turn. In the later, faster stages the flat camber section becomes part of the effective edge for more hold through the long high g-force carves.
Contact point dampening We inserted a strip of urethane, a super durable, vibration resistant, damp material that will keep your edges on the snow and will have you turning like a sports car.
ABS Sidewalls Our sidewalls have a faster turn speed and work together with our bamboo core stringers to make a more stable snowboard.
19oz triax with lateral carbon beams is the perfect combination for high strength and weight savings.  Our Carbon fiber is a Pretensioned and pre-impregnated weave laid along the length of the board that gives this camber deck power and pop.
Radial sidecut – Our race bread shapes offer a longer contact patch of edge through the turn along with the extending edge will help lay smooth, consistent turns.
Super Extended Effective Edge (SEEE) – To stabilize our boards in the race course when really pushing the speed limit Prospect boards stay in control because we have lengthened the effective edge. We’ve minimized the tip and tail lengths. This means a longer contact patch and more edge contacts the surface so there are no worries about getting squirrelly and and it prevents the nose fold.
American made materials – Prospect uses as much American made and green materials as possible.  Aside from being manufactured in the U.S.A. our cores, bases, fiberglass, and epoxy are all made stateside. Also, bamboo isn’t only amazing for performance, it also is a highly renewable resource and is more environmentally friendly than P-tex and ABS Plastic.
Pretensioned/Prepreg Carbon- Pretensioned means maximum spring with half the weight.  The Pretensioned weave is stretched out to its strongest point and planted along the length of the board inside the tip to tail.  This makes more pop through the turns and a more stable board in hard carves.
4/4 poplar core – Our easiest flex deck in the lineup.  The vertically laminated poplar wood core is the key material in making a light weight deck with predictable flex. We use narrower poplar lumber in the lamination to fit more strips of wood into the core.  More strips keep more pop over a longer period so your board won’t be next years bench.
Regular Camber Profile with flat camber extending edge Regular camber is what launches lightning fast transfers through turns, but it also produces chatter.  We put in 10 cm of flat camber to create quicker turns in the slower sections of the race.  When the speed ramps up the last 10cm engages and creates a long effective edge for more grip and stability.
Directional Freeride/Boardercross Snowboard – Specifically engineered to go fast. We put a slight taper to the tail to exit from turns smoothly and added the longest effective edge we could make for each size.


Length (cm)   156 162 168
Tip Width (cm) 26 27.5 28
Tail Width (cm) 24 26.5 27.5
Waist Width 20.5 21.8 22.1
Tip Length 11 11 11
Tail Length 7 7 7
Sidecut Radius 11500 10000 1000



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