Pure Boarding Snowboard Joerg Egli

1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usaual spot e/o preferred spot. 
Egli Joerg / 16.04.59 / Accountant / Aspen USA / Val Gardena Italy

2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing. 
TWO 158 + *Bastard* 162 / CarveCompany Speed / Raichle AF700 / TSG / Gordini / CarveCompany Eagle One 

3 Since when you are on hard snowboarding. 
The first attempt was in 1986 with a Snowfish. 

4 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal , plates. 
Evolution is always good but it doesn't create better riders. Our philosophy is less talking and more riding! 

6 What could help the raise back of the hard snowboarding.
People like you helping to spread out the message! 

7 Training techniques.
Rotation is the key!

8 What to say at whom is starting. 
You are going to have a lot of fun! It's the best sport on planet! 

9 What to say at whom has already.
Respect the others! There is always a better one out there! 

10 Tell us something that we didn't thought.
Hope there will be always enough snow to do what we love to do! 
I wish you all the best and I am quiet sure this is another big step for our sport. You got some of the best Carving Resorts in Europe, we will always try to come down and enjoy the Italian hospitality. 

Hope to see and ride with you one day. 


Pure Boarding Snowboard Joerg Egli

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