SG Full Race Pro Team 185 2010 February 14th, 2011 corey_dyck

I got to ride the same 185 Full Race board as Snowman pictured above. Wow. I was a little scared from the reviews of it being a big/stiff race board but those fears were unfounded.
I was comfortable after two turns on the first run, it just works with no drama or unexpected quirks. I had a freaking blast on this thing! It welcomed speed with open arms but could be easily bent into tighter arcs at medium speeds if you put a little work into it. It was pretty quiet/damp over bumps and dips but still gave you some of that satisfying pop out of one turn and into the next.

I could have easily spent all day on it but I tried to follow the SES demo tent rules and not be a board hog. It was my favourite of all that I tried in the tent. It's still not a board for beginners as it makes pretty big radius turns unless you know how to bend a board, but anyone with an average skillset can have a ton of fun on the big SG. Don't let the 'Race' name or the 20m sidecut radius on the spec sheet scare you.

FYI: I'm about 210 lbs and like to push boards around. Well, at least until my legs give out…

Author: jax

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