Swoard Extremecarver Gen3 NTwoO





The Swoard is a very nice board to ride.
Think of it as a long wheel base BMW or Bentley.
That a Swoard wants to go fast is not my experience.
It is most definitelynot a race board.
Through the softer construction (and you can choose it as soft as suits you) and the wider body, the board does nice high G carves without excessive speed.
For all day riding this is by far preferable IMHO.
With lower speeds, the size of a crash is just smaller.
The radius is smaller than the GS guns that makes it relatively nimble in traffic.
It is less tiring getting and keeping the wide board on its edge and once on its edge, the grip is very reliable and comfortable.
Through the softer construction, the board is also much more forgiving than the GS boards (The Kessler 185GS that I rode in Jan aside…)
If you want to go racing, don't take the swoard, but for full days with gaping skiers and snowboarders this board is just insane.
It is the perfect board for a headset and the feeling as if you are "dancing" your carves. Off piste is not its forte with a nose with very little lift.
It'll give you some float, but pulling it over a stone will put cuts right through your heart. BTW, I'm not doing EC (yet), just free carving.


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Author: jax

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