Team R-A-D Mattias Ryman

Team R-A-D  Mattias Ryman

La R-A-D ottimizzerà secondo desideri del cliente ad un prezzo concorrenziale le tavole della propria produzione.

La Blackburn ,

La Bullet Titan

The Bullet Ti 173 is made for aggressive carving and extremecarving.
The dynamic radius of 13.3 meter make it easy to alter the turning radius.
It has full Textrem carbon and Titanal construction with rubberdamping and also feature a carbon torsionbox for very high torsional stiffness so it is so stable at high speeds but still manageable and quick.
The more you push it the more you get in return.
Length 173 cm
Waist width 21 cm (custom width is possible)
Dynamic radius 13,3 m

La Dragon invece è una via di mezzo tra una tavola hard e uno skwal

1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usual spot e/o preferred spot.

Mattias Ryman
1970 august 25.
Engineer of snowboarding and windsurfing equipment also work with environmental science.
Usually ride in Funäsdalen or Björnrike in Sweden. Favorite spot is very hard to choose, I haven´t seen all yet!

2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing.
Boards: the new RAD Bullet board, Blackburn, Skwal Diamonds and also Alpinepunk board
Boots: Old Blax boots, fit like a glove
Helmet: UVEX Goggles: UVEX Clothing: Tobe onepiece

3 Since when you are on hard snowboarding.

4 Why hard?
I like the g-forces in the turns.
Not much powder where I live so hardboots is more fun!

5 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal, plates.
All technologies have thier advantages in specific conditions and  it is great that the development continius to make it even more fun for us!

6 What could help the raise back of the hard snowboarding.
More movies like "Hard attack":-)

7 Training techniques.
Cross under

8 Whath to say at whom is starting.
Watch movies on Youtube, and have someone to film you.

9 Whath to say at whom has already.
Watch movies on Youtube, and have someone to film you. It will make you better

10 Tell us something that we didn't thought.
I am cold all winter and need a lot of clothes!

Author: jax