Thirst 7WARP Superconductor

Thirst 7WARP Superconductor

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Thirst Snowboard


The one I like the most was the Thirst Superconductor. (L)175 (w)20.4.

It was quick in the transition, I could tighten turns up or lathen them out. The edge hold was great. How stable these Thirst boards are I think are different than the rest.
 rode the 8R last spring and can remember telling people how stable it felt.

I rode one of these at NICE.  The last day, bad visibility, legs tired.  I couldn't describe it that day but there was something unusual and magical about the way this board felt under my boots.  I had never really noticed how a board sounds before. These weren't the best testing conditions for me but I talked to Mark (the builder) for a while about what I wanted in a board, then I put down a deposit.  USPS lost it for a week but it finally arrived the day before my family spring break trip.  I have yet to ride it in anything more than mediocre conditions, so I will update this review when I can.



First Day:  Hoodoo Ski Bowl, 8-10" of wet new snow.  Not the best choice for the conditions but it never sank or got stuck due to the tail and nose shape I assume.  I found one semi groomed run where I could crank out 8-10 linked carves. Super responsive and light under foot without giving up stability.  To get to that run there was a long cat track which flattened out at the end.  90 percent of the boarders got stuck and all of the skiers were skating and poling.  I probably did this section 10-12 times and passed everyone every time.  It felt like when others were losing momentum I was still gaining.

Second Day:  Mt. Bachelor, firm snow turning a bit grabby later in the day.  I was with my 8 year old daughter on 120 cm skis, so I could really only get a few good turns at a time.  I was able to adjust the turn size quite easily, and the board seemed to power through chop just as well as any metal board I've ridden.  A couple of times I though I was catching an edge and going over, I just hopped the board onto the other edge and it kept going.  Very maneuverable and fun.

Third Day: Mt. Hood Meadows, ice with chunks and ruts, flat light.  Three runs and done, not the boards' fault.  When I got to the bottom where I would normally stop, I realized that I was going faster than usual and had to throw on the brakes.

We have rain forecast for the rest of the week, so hopefully I can get a good day in next week and update this.  The closest thing that I have ridden to this is the Oxess XXR which is over twice the cost and made overseas.  I can't wait to get on this thing again, I'm so thirsty.

Day Four – Timberline.  Hardpack/softpack depending on the run.  

Okay this board rocks.  I was able to pump through flat sections like a skateboard.  Except this skateboard left 4" trenches. 




Author: jax