Thoughts on the carving

Thoughts on the carving

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Thoughts on the carving 
Fragmentary Thoughts About Carving
I think the short ride on a snowboard
September 5, 2006
Consideration Alpine basic position
Review of the Alpine basic position basic attitude is what is most basic, yet often most neglected, also known as BBP (Balanced Body Position).
I, too, while forward in the pre-Alpine "foot, the basic stance? You've already master four years ago," and I think that is what is meant is the basic attitude of Alpine, had also suffered much indeed passed the basic attitude funny why it is important.
Landscape even skiing in even the basic posture consider that most of the people for granted and to talk about the basic stance, basic posture of the Alpine pass unintentionally trying characters.
When I went up the slopes of the first Alpine Holding, the Alpine the lecturer was giving a ride to a fellow instructor, led the Alpine.
Many are too shy side, I'm not in the way of learning overflows are shy.
Spread facial letting their unconditional.
Skiers thing does not cover border cases.
Instructors also no exception. Unconditional'll learn. Free, -.- ;;; sure, but learned the basic attitude of the Alpine tell him jeongjak mean a default position, is why it is important to explain haejuji passed away. After all, only to learn the husks without a true understanding was painfully felt when she does not have any progress.
If it is not absolute that blurb about the contents of this column saw an article at that time a little less … hemaet euryeona title of this column there is no new information as bar means.
Just want to emphasize that the issue of 'riding' which I think is the most important among the existing theories.

0. The first wall is the wall I've hit on the first day tadeon, Alpine Alpine 'was the pressure point. And second, how Will was pressed. For more articles about the Internet these days, it's hard to find this development. No, maybe Chongqing, talk about basic stance is too much often itgetda might not be highlighted jeongjak important because the repeated points. Between the first problem is the fact as too simple problem, the pressure point is the Freestyle is true, as the center of the board feet the center. Why would I worry it geurido and difficult? Probably it would have been ignorance of the common landscape and Alpine. Alpine landscape with kkopeul is only one reason, it is absolutely wrong came much too look at the article. The second problem, how to be pressed? I hope that even if the true theme of the day is "Understanding the basic posture for alpine climbing center."

1. The default position is the development of a staggered figure I was upgraded.
How shall I say the wooden dolls shaped as an art learned to tinker 3D? -.- ;;; Basic stance angle of the Alpine Cider is also generally back to front 45-55.



Standing roughly one foot in line with the angle let me bend your knees.
Will probably be a similar stance.
I'm trying to see the play, but naturally the pelvis and upper torso posture feels that too towards the front.
But such a thing does not matter.
If you feel that feeling is enough to be described below. Hold your upper body upright erected above the knee bent posture is the weight it carried in large red dot red line touches the board.
Kideut red dot point above posture and weight on the hind legs are utilitarian attitude can not be thus the basic posture. In other words, this is an attitude that can not get on board, the center position.
In this position the center of gravity is positioned in the pelvis.
Now let's get down to the waist down shuffling forward in this state.
By lowering the waist (harmful Still wonder thinking of my case, though) First, the weight began to move forward, and the second front in, and equally weight the start silrigi on the back foot, the third center of gravity is outside the pelvis, the is moved out of the body, fourth, begin to bear the weight of the center-fold. the attitude that this position secure the center of the board in the stance of Alpine.
I still takes this position when smoke standing firm smoking, even even the bathroom has seen great things stand Seeing minutes in this position. (I have this much to so lamentable a failure to fulfill until the state but) it's gonna attitude that must be stamped on the body. How bending the legs, the arms that why, problems such as waist how much lower is a relatively minor issue It becomes.
The core of the posture ride of just ` 'will.
Gonna Inn just feel Seeley is weight on both feet, lifting the same state, feeling that weight pressing the middle between both feet, and feel that you can not work more reliably. Also the other side of the bus, etc. exactly as much as possible to maintain a stable hold the balance not handle. I case. Pit of the stomach and could feel the line of apparent pressure, leading to the middle of the board from the vicinity, and have a sense of which has a center of gravity fold.
According to the basic posture, theory of Chongqing skiing in normal upper figure and services meure, bent knees leaning angle of the angle and the waist is that regardless of the difference degree and must be the same.
In the case of Alpine is a top figure aspired to a middle of the front and back legs angle look at applying the theory A angle B angle can view should always be the same.
In addition, Alpine landscape with the thought of me, but say different from the alpine and pre the difference is the difference between a decisive stance angles.
I think it is a subjective opinion of chatneunge proper attitude to the current angle than fumbling a good fit for their efficient angle. Above about 50 degrees in a different way was not easy to find a riding center 'attitude.
" In short, the basic attitude is always close to do so ought to be, not that these are pretty good results.


neutral position_angle


2. Basic attitude and practice what is the correlation of turn and is now in the basic attitude and practice?
This fun free basic posture exercises, let's look at the issues that will really be helpful to turn to ride.
The default created to equal the figure above is a little Schnauzer and posture annaon well together, WHILE 3D sseungeo once deformed to turn posture to evaluate the attitude and the actual riding position proves that a close relationship. below is the actual position of the turn.
Hmm … it is plausible only eoseolpeuji own.
To make this plausible position I would do any effort? But I would appreciate it if you think it would have a tremendous effort … was very simple.
The 3D program is usually of the screen to the quarter's front, side, showing a roughly diagonal three-dimensional and the three kinds of display on the screen.



I just left around the waist tied as a whole pelvis and legs was only working on the front view or as it was rotated to the right.
To adjust the angle of the upper body A touch here, a little aenggyulreyisyeon front, the backside posture comes as the above.
The difference is not one that captures the side view of the state.
What does it mean to see that only the front view work? It did not change the angle of the knee and upper body, meaning sikyeotdaneun only rotate in the direction of the next leg and pelvis.
It ll only be roughly solve any sand bar The front four by itself.
The center of gravity and the pressure in the upper picture that wishes babysitting carefully and that it is maintained without any change in the basic attitude.
Upper figure to rotate the pelvis and legs in the front view the upper screen is properly established. This position is the position just above the backside and front side of the disc doegetda picture captured from a variety of angles below.




3. Riding center , it is quite obvious error while watching the videos and what a wonderful Alpine particular stance on the frontside and backside, it thinks hard to achieve it.
That is just one thing right simply phenomena that are implemented by shifting the pelvis and legs in the `basic attitude." Above the front and backside painted a picture to the pressure point marked with a red dot and the center of gravity.
Knees, waist, upper body rotation has not changed at all from the basic attitude is that (the problem of expressing the petite upper body rotation Hmm … I quite annoying problem himself, …), take the middle of the “ basic stance remains the same and board . the upper body during the adage has been said that more than half of the ski.
My friends are also referred to as upper body is 60-70%. The first contact with the attitude of those who look to stand flops Alpine right thing because it does not lower the upper body. Lower due care and I use it sukyigi gubujeong to turn inward rather than toward the front.
Alpine, freestyle, ski and regardless of thing that is obvious is prone thing generally negative factors turned back inside.
There is an error in one another if you put the very first, as shown in Figure upper body center of gravity behind.
The instinctive feeling to know that riding when there must of the center of gravity, it is the center of gravity to the center of the movement Sikkim, go play to force the knee to lean without lowering your upper body to the side conditions of the pelvis, as in the freestyle boards to the center of the board this tendency is causing you want.
This position is in a typical alpine stance becomes awkward posture. You should use the `body '.
Use your upper body weight shift to the center and which should be maintained continuously among riding.
In particular, there eopeon weighting city, saying one deulsseokyineun the `edge transition torso interesting phrase jumped up" boundary upper body, although even when switching edge It would always be maintained steadily.
In fact, this edge can be seen as the most important time to keep switching the upper sight words.
If you are waenya turn to the knee while waiting eopeon. The upper body is kept if the instantaneous state is in the foreground to make it facilitates the transition edges will be able to enter the next turn go into control of the state. It is difficult to pass more severe slope In the alpine ride from backside to the front. Why? This is because the center of gravity back, see what it does not stand in this case, the advisory body has aneulga. Let the center of gravity so you do not disappear or fall embraces the absolute times.
Of course it is difficult.
The tilt the faster hurry upper body center of gravity falls and stand back. We shall probably have to overcome issues that need to be constantly conscious while riding the alpine. For more information on the backside and edge switching "is used syeotdeon KOON's Thought about Hilton edge transitions and see what it does, see the article entitled"

4. Theory and practice that how this applies in the real riding Let's briefly mentioned and beyond.
Theory and practice are different remarkably. Alpine's basic attitude was fiercely attached to practicing on flat ground just a moment, stand bare skin above the eyes are lightly ignore.
As more practice on Abandon flats.
Do not try to take that attitude, the feeling of 'equipment' ride within the range that can move effortlessly from the wearer's body, let's start a few minutes before riding practice. The environment if a great situation to group living stones. Riding while always himself while constantly checking whether riding center is bound to feel a sense in practice in the body. Sure that you have the weight distributed evenly on both feet and ride among the board, the upper body Let's check if from time to time while riding is sufficiently low. Suddenly I usually turn would be well novelties found himself riding the narrow, sloping slope. Should also take advantage of a lot of pictures or videos. Let's take for ourselves and lowers geureohanji sometimes even more real check.

5. Conclusion dare hageonde I will carefully words, like saying there is no big deal except that die in life, board the'll want to talk to no big deal except `ride of a`.
This jimyeonseo get accustomed riding techniques and develop themselves, all perhaps this cycle to return to the problem of burning again while uptake of the technology will be a little frustrating cycle of the border of the board and enjoying the challenge seriously. 


Author: jax