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1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usaual spot e/o preferred spot.

Fin Doyle, Mechanical Engineer, Colorado, USA

2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing.

I use all the boards we sell and demo on our website ( with Deeluxe Boots (Track 700). And of course I use our Trench Digger 3 series bindings.

3 Since when you are on hard snowboarding.
Snowboarding since 1986, and hard booting since 1990.

4 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal , plates.

All I know is it would be very boring if we did not try to constantly make carving gear better. The new shapes and board materials are amazing and make it easier to carve with less impact on the body. All good things. The new plates, like our Boiler Plate, is a pretty exciting device. It does let you carve on terrain that might be considered not so smooth. Is it something the average recreational carve wants to use all the time? Not sure yet, the verdict is still out. They do add weight, height and cost so it will be an interesting season (10/11’) to find out if people want this on their every day board. I suspect there is more innovation to come!

6 What could help the raise back of the hard snowboarding.

Two things; awareness and accessibility. Right now we have an issue (at least in the USA) that a lot of people just don’t know of hard booting as an option. I believe there is an entire population of current snowboarders who would love to ride in hard boots but just don’t know about it. And the second thing to follow this is the ability to get the gear. We have an issue here in the USA where VERY few stores demo/rent carving gear. It is a severe restriction on getting people to try the sport. We need more store to carry the gear.

7 Training techniques.

Ride and ride a lot. Ride on days it sucks and ride on days you don’t want to. Ride on terrain that scares you and ride with people who are much better that you.

8 Whath to say at whom is starting.

Make sure to go out with someone who can help you out on that critical first day. We see a lot of people get discouraged when they go out on their own on day one. Someone there to help is a huge benefit to getting past that fist day stage.

9 Whath to say at whom has already.

10 Tell us something that we didn't thought.

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