Coiler AMT 177 ” MACK TRUCK ” March 7th, 2011 MR. JOHN DEERE !

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I've wanted to have this board built for two seasons now.

I finally couldn't live without having an all-mtn board in my quiver.



It's a 177cm length x 23cm waist and a vsr side cut that averages out to be around 12m with a squared nose, so it really blast thru the crud.
This wasn't designed to be an everyday all-mtn board like I've had in the past. It gives up some verstility being so wide, but suits my needs for what I want an all-mtn board to do.
It's long enough for good stability on the steeps, turny enough to get it down anything steep and tight, the softer the snow pack the better it rides.
I can still get it up on edge without booting out in the softer snow conditions.
Some of my best riding on ice has been on all-mtn shapes in the past, but this shape I wouldn't consider to be an ice crusher.
I would rather be on my "Chubby" or a slalom board for the boiler plate blue ice conditions anyways.
I took it out at the end of a powder day to see how it would do in the powder, unfortunatly every square inch on the mountain had moguls on it, not so good.
Because of its width maneuverability going slow thru the moguls was awful, I actually felt like I was trying to control a semi truck with puppet strings, and thats ok with me.
My days are hopefully done with riding moguls and powder on hardboots.

For a topsheet, I wanted to go with something different.
This may sound awful, but when we were deciding on a name for our baby to be, we both agreed to have a name that would work with either sex.
At the time I was in the process of buying a couple new rollbacks/dumpster trucks, and the Mack salesman had dropped off some hats and t-shirts.
I always loved the bulldog logo, and the name says it all, so thats when I came up with Mack as a name.
So in the end my little princess is named Mack, after the legendary truck company.
So I decided to finally put the Mack truck logo on a snowboard, and the colors in the original mack logo are dark green and dark red, just like the colors of the Italian flag.
Mack is about 90% Italian with some German in her blood. Instead of the logo saying Mack trucks, it still says Mack, but under the Mack name is has my daughters birthdate.
Unfortunatly the colors of the Italian flag came out a little lighter than inticipated, It came in magenta and light greenish color.
I'm working with the topsheet company to send me a new topsheet for Bruce to put on over the summer.

BTW, I love the board ! Once again Bruce is by far the best in the business !

Bomber on Line

Author: jax

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