Coiler Angrry 160 Corey_Dyck

Coiler Angrry 160 Corey_Dyck

Da Bomber


Coiler Angrry 160, 20 cm waist, XXT 9.5m average sidecut.

I asked for a board that would be fun to ride on mellow blue runs with very hard snow or even ice. Bruce did something new/unique with the camber profile on this one, it's something he wanted to try so I said 'sure'!

This board is shown here:!&p=392262#post392262

The picture is kind of pointless as you chose your own nose shape, width, graphics, inserts, etc. when you order it.

Conditions: Soft-ish groom with some firmer spots – like Aspen without the beautiful people, scenery, or runs. Skied-off hardpack in the later afternoon. Medium blue runs only, very short runs.

My thoughts:

– Board felt a little soft in the first few turns but it worked very well. It felt perfect once the hardpack was exposed by all the side-slippers.

– Damp! It was very quiet with little drama. It feels an awful lot like my 182 NSR, except stuff happens a lot faster!

– No 'pop' at lower speeds, finishes turns quite hard/aggressively at higher speeds. Definitely prefers sub-30 mph speeds, but turns can be stretched out at higher speeds.

– Tail wants to grab while skidding into the lift line – kind of like riding with a stiff plate. I'm assuming this has to do with the different camber profile.

– Turn initiation is quick. (No duh – it's a 160!)

– Requires precise weight placement nose-to-tail. (No duh – it's a 160!)

– So light! I'm used to a 182 (or a 21.5cm wide 167) hanging off my knee, it was refreshing to remove that weight for an entire day.

– Why were my legs done by 2:00? Oh yeah, I'm making a heck of a lot more turns per run!

I need more runs in varying conditions but it's fun! I'll be a better rider if I can master this one. If you want to slow down and work on sharper turns, this board is a riot! If you prefer cheek-flapping speeds, go with a bigger board. I wouldn't want this to be my only board unless I was stuck on lame little Prairie ski hills. It compliments a bigger board very well for some variety.



I had another day on this 160 Angrry. Wow, what a fun board!

Snow was firm, with a little bit of ice in one steeper area. The board had lots of pop on the firm snow, that's something Bruce can apparently tune with the various camber profiles to suit your taste. Mine has the higher camber/variable camber profile to give it the pop that I requested. Once you really start loading it up, it turns so fast that I could feel the added strain in my back as my legs/hips were rotating around the turn faster than my upper body wanted to – that's a unique feeling! Tighten up the core muscles a bit and enjoy the ride! Cross-unders/push-pull turns were a hoot, with the board snapping back and forth under you as quickly as you can handle. I haven't had the pleasure of riding an original Madd 158, but I can't imagine it being much better than this.

I was planning to ride until 2 PM, but I was having so much fun that I rode until 3 PM. I just forgot to check the time. LOL! That's really saying something as this is a very short and, frankly, boring ski area.

If you've got short, narrow, or not-very-steep runs for most of your riding, this board lets you make many more turns at a lower speed and still have a blast. I still prefer a big board when the terrain/conditions permit, but this little gem makes riding at small ski hills fun.

I would not recommend a 160 Angrry for soft snow at all. It'll work, but there are much better tools out there.


Author: jax