Rabanser Speed Line 175 Overspeed

Rabanser Speed Line 175 Overspeed

Da Bomber


I ride a rabanser speed line 175 with the 1994 plate and IBEX plate bindings( 6'0"/185lbs).

Awesome board, full-on race board and rails at speed.
The stance is setback a bit with a long stiff nose but theres just a little bit of rocker that allows for smooth turn initiation an no hang ups.
Very durable board and I've ridden in for 3 seasons and it has held up great.
It has a ptex top sheet so there's nothing to scratch up.
Its a bit heavy with the lift plate and all but on the snow at speed its zero problem.
I'm planning on a 180cm with a carbon plate in the future.
Great company and highly recommend!

Author: jax