SG Full Race 163 Emdee406

SG Full Race 163 Emdee406

Da Bomber

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I was loaned an older Pro 163 by a friend (possibly a 2009 model?). I already own an SG 157 Titan and an SG 180 Pro, so I knew how well they ride. As with some of the previous reviewers, I found this board to be an Alpine quiver killer!

I weigh around 175lb, I'm fit, strong and with a race, rather than free carve background so I was intrigued to find that this board fit exactly between the other two in terms of turn size and versatility…it was the missing link.

Agile and responsive, fitted with a Vist plate and F2 Titaniums, it carved deeply and powerfully, allowing me to dance through the crowds and then unleash some long to medium radius, super stable, higher speed carves.
When you lift it up to carry it, with the Vist on it, it weighs a ton, it's incredible how, when you ride it, that weight translates into stability and the ability to hold a line as if it's on rails, cutting through any bumps or ruts in it's way!

On steeper blue runs, it never gave a hint of unsticking from the snow, even when my hip was on the ground at GS speeds…it was very confidence inspiring. It took no time at all to get used to, and felt like an old friend.

The second time I took it out, I thought I would roll into the Nastar course at Park City. Other than jumping into the course with students for a laugh, I had not ridden any gates seriously, for a couple of years, and bearing in mind that our course is a dog leg and you can't see the last 3 gates, I pulled out of the start hut not expecting too much. Especially as our Race Department like to offset the last few widely 'to slow people down' (WTF-it's a race course!).

The carves came effortlessly, and edge changes were smooth and predictable. As I crossed the finish line, the surprised announcer said "Good grief, that snowboarder just got a Platinum medal". I was equally shocked, so to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, I went back up and went faster! When I checked the Nastar national rankings, it had placed me at no.9 in the nation, with no one less than 20yrs younger than me…I think I like this board.

My plan now, as I'm not racing SL or GS, is to sell my other two SG's, and find a 163 for myself!

Author: jax