F2 Speedster SL Worldcup 163 January 11th, 2010 Curt / Skully

F2 Speedster SL Worldcup 163

While Dave, Billy and Will were out riding the GS gear, I was able to mount up a new F2 Speedster 163. This little rocket is built with F2′s “Worldcup” construction, which as far as I can tell, essentially means titanal. A glance at the sidewall shows my uneducated eye what looks like 2 layers of titanal. One layer underneath the topsheet, and one layer just above the base / edges. F2 has incorporated a decambered hammer-head style nose, and slightly decambered tail, and a bit of taper, like many other new-school boards. I didn’t break out the tape measure to get measurements, but the taper is visibly apparent. I’m not sure of the exact specs as far as sidecut radius, either as it looks like F’2′s website does not have this latest board listed…

The 163 is the shortes metal board I have ever ridden. I basically traded an old Rossi 190 for an old Burner 162 over the spring / summer, and have been riding the Burner a bit this year, so I was ready to try something metal in the same length range. I wasn’t actually able to get on snow until a while after lunch, so the conditions were perfect for trying out a new metal board.

As far as the ride goes… After getting off of the lift, I spotted an opening, pointed it to pick up some speed and pitched it into a heelside, and was in love from the first turn. This little guy holds an edge wonderfully, and is damp enough to eat up all of the afternoon chop as if it were first tracks. I felt confident cranking turns on steeper pitches where there was nothing but afternoon scraped, man-made snow (what we call ice here in UT, but the east-coaster just laugh at.)

This board likes to be ridden centered, like Will has mentioned in some of his posts about the Kesslers. Weighting the nose going into turns doesn’t make a lot of difference, it hooks up great with either riding style. It’s still got some pop off of the tail, though nothing compared to my old glass RS.

All in all, this has got to be the best F2 board I have ever ridden. We’ll have to see wait and see what the reports are from Dave, Billy and Will after they give it a go. I have no desire whatsoever to go back to riding my old glass boards at the moment… :(

Curt / Skully


January 11th, 2010

Author: jax

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