F2 Speester RS 183 World Cup Edition January 31st, 2010 Curt / Skully

The Canyons – And the F2 183…

Good news! There’s finally enough snow in Utah to make it worth riding!!!

OK, so it hasn’t been absolutely terrible, but it was pretty sketchy up until the snow we’ve had in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t even been up for two weeks, so it’s nice to know that there aren’t any groomers that I need to avoid, everything has good coverage finally, and it snowed all day today…

F2 Speester RS 183 World Cup Edition

In other news, I pried the new F2 Speester RS 183 World Cup Edition out of Dave’s hands for a few turns. Dave has posted some of his thoughts, and I believe is planning on posting more. My $.02 is: Holy Crap! Extremely damp, holds an edge like no other, and FAST. There aren’t many runs at The Canyons that allow a whimp like me to get a board like this going, but there are a couple. It kinda reminds me of the good old Madd 180, only better. If you like hip-draggin’, cheek flappin’ all out speed, this board is the one for you. A little more work than some of the other new-school metal boards that I’ve ridden, but definitely worth it.

Curt / Skully

Sunday, January 31st, 2010


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