Coiler VSR Mid+ Reg Asym 180 February 16th, 2011Mike T

This was the solid black one.
My favorite of the demo boards I rode.
Rode it a few times, on different days.
At its best on steeper terrain and firmer snow.
Grippy as all get out, easy to make aggressive turns on, huge range of versatility in terms of turn shapes.
IIRC the sidecut goes 12/15/14.
I initially found the nose flapped when running it fast but not turning aggressively; this was with bindings centered on the center pack of inserts.
Moving the front binding forward 1cm cured that.
Fun to play "stupid back seat tricks" with. I never wound up getting a 177 Mid+ like the one that I demo @ last year's SES; I am getting one of these instead (with a few minor tweaks).
It will likely be my go-to board.

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Author: jax

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