Bomber Boiler Plate 5mm version February 14th, 2011 Steve Prokopiw

I had tried the thicker(5mm)version of the Bomber Boiler Plate at Whitefish a couple of weeks ago with mixed results.
Then came 'Matilda', the 4mm version that Fin had for demo at SES.
I tried it on a Coiler VSR 177 (20 waist).
The board and Matilda were soon 'waltzing' in perfect unison.(You know I had to use that word somewhere ).
The board already has a super smooth ride and turns on a dime anyway; but the Boiler plate made it even more smooth and added so much power to the turns it had me worried for the board.(Bruce had suggested trying the plate on this model because it was one of the most plate capable of his non-plate specific builds.
He did have a plate specific board,but I didn't get around to trying it.)

I can now say that I have ridden a plate with great board feel;I'm sure the board had something to do with the overall feel,but I came away with a very positive view of the usefulness of the Boiler Plate.What a difference a millimeter makes!


Bomber on Line

Author: jax

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