Virus UFC 183 February 14th, 2011 Steve Prokopiw

THE UFC 183;THE BEST BOARD I have ridden in the last two years.I did everything I know how to do on this board with three different binding systems.
The Power Lock III Virus sells is remarkably stiff and and very simple.
That is most of what I have to say about these bindings though;
There was not a toe lift available to put on the demo so I was mostly missing toelift under my front foot and not as comfortable as I would have been with the lift.
I next tried a pair of SIDEWINDERS which I had yet to try until this demo.

WOW!!! is my 'scientific' assessment of the combination of the VIRUS UFC 183 and BOMBER SIDEWINDERS.
I felt that this was the highest performance setup that I have ever tried.
The Sidewinders suit my style while being much more effective than I would have thought.
Great longitudinal stiffness and tunable lateral flex.SIDEWINDERS on the UFC 183 had the MOST rewarding ride of anything since my 210 but could be flexed into even tighter turns.
I zipped into pwder stashes and came back onto the groomed without hesitation and little need to adjust my position.
The board will do anything an aggressive,high performance rider could ask.I couldn't help thinking the Virus UFC 183 would help me grow as rider and that I would not outgrow it.I rode some of the cleanest and tightest circle carves I've ever done on it ,more easily than any other board and binding combo.I first tried the UFC with my own Snopros because I like the their flex,but the SIDEWINDERS turned it up a notch(or two)for edge to edge performance.

I still think of My Diablo 210 as having the most confidence inspiring feel and performance for what we designed it to do, but The VIRUS UFC 183 is the best performing board for pretty much anything I can think of doing in my daily quest to expand the limits of free carving.Same goes for Bomber Sidewinders(which I used with blue(medium) base and yellow(soft) elastomers.

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Author: jax

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