Ingemar Walder

Ingemar Walder

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The latest addition to our Pro Team is Austrian, Ingemar Walder. A veteran of the World Cup circuit, Ingemar tasted his first podium in 2012 by taking third place at Valmalencho followed by a second in 2013 at Sochi. Ingemar has been an Apex rider since the V1 was first released in 2010, fabricating custom mounts to fit his Oxess snowboard.

1. How and when did you get started in snowboard racing?

I started snowboarding 1997 after i finished ski racing. The reason that I switched to snowboard was actually my brother Harald. He was a pro snowboarder as well and retired after the Olympics in Torino (ITA)

2. Where is your favourite place to ride?

puh…not easy to answer!! There are loads of places but around my area i prefer "Monte Elmo" in South Tirol (ITA). There was one resort i liked as well in Canada except Whistler and thats Sun Peaks 🙂

3. When and where was your most memorable race?

I think it was my first podium at Valmalencho (ITA) 2 years ago….it was such an amazing feeling & big rock fell off my shoulders 🙂

4. Do you ever go into the halfpipe or terrain park?

Sometimes I go into terrain park just have some fun but I'm not good in it at all…LOL

5. Do you ever get tired of the travel? What's your number one travel tip?

Not really….i like to travel and New Zealand (Wanaka) was an awesome experience….such a nice country!!! Go and get there…

6. How badly does Andi Prommegger snore?

Horrible…just joking!! He doesn't really snore, maybe sometimes if he has a blocked nose!! I think I snore bit more then him 🙂

7. What's with the crazy Burton Physics boots and bindings? Where do you get parts?

Haha…good question!!! Well, I got all my parts from Burton years ago and then after I just asked riders who changed to other brands and I could find some parts on eBay as well! Actually the binding is self-made. A friend of mine made it. I just put the parts on the new aluminum ground plate because the original parts always cracked.

8. When did you start using the Apex Race Plate and how does it affect your riding?

I think i tried it first time at the finals at La Molina after the Olympics 2010. The first one I was riding in races was 2011. Actually it makes more comfortable, safer and faster. Just like it!!

9. You've been racing a long time yet you had one of your best seasons ever last year. Do you think you're getting better?

If people ask me about that then i always tell them I'm like red wine :-)))….im getting better & better from year to year!!

10. What are your plans for when you retire from competition?

mmh…not sure yet but there are some possibilities!! Actually i would like to become coach for a period until Olympics…would be cool bringing in my experience and trying to shape some young riders to top athletes 🙂

Author: jax