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Jacopo Saluti!
Grazie mille for your questions and interest in the SG Pro Team. 
Below are my answers.

1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usual spot e/o preferred spot.

Justin Reiter, 02/02/1981
Professional Snowboarder MAT Specialist
Crested Butte Mountain Resort

2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing.

SG Full Race Pro Team 185 
SG Full Race Pro Team 163
SG Free Solo 167
Bindings: F2
Boots: Northwave
Helmet/Goggles: POC
Clothing: Patagonia

3 Since when are you on hard snowboarding.

I started riding a race board and hard boots when I was 14 (1995 ndr)

4 Why hard?

I fell in love with racing because of the speed and the purity of the win.
When you cross the line ahead of the guy next to you there is no doubt you won.
I switched to hard boots because of the power advantage. Soon after learning I truly fell in love with the CARVE.
The pure simple elegant use of power efficiency and balance all harnessed in a dramatic poetry of motion while flying down the hill.

5 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal , plates.

I like the new technology. It allows us to ride faster and push the limits.
The SG Pro Team is the best in the world because we ride the best equipment developed by the best company.
It exceeds industry standards and provides the platform for victory and FUN.

6 What could help to raise the hard snowboarding.

The United States has an organization called USASA.
It is a lower level series of races for young kids. At these events there are more racers than freestyle riders.
The kids need to evolve to riding hard boot and smaller race boards. It makes them better riders.
I also feel that older riders who can no longer do tricks should be encouraged to look back into carving.
Veterans can jump on a SG Force and skip the park to find the passion in the carve.
Truly ride the snow and seek speed.
If we can inspire the young and the old we can continue to grow.

7 Training techniques.

Training has to be FUN.
I choose to join the SG Pro Team for the pure fact that it is about passion and in passion there is fun.
National Teams overlook the joy that is snowboarding with friends and they place the pressure to win on their riders.
It is a competitive and aggressive environment.
The SG Pro Team inspires good vibes, hard work, and dedication due to love not results.
If you are having fun you can work harder than everyone else and keep smiling. 

8 What to say to someone who is starting.

Take your time and get a a friend/coach to help you.
Riding hard is not easy.
You need the right technique and equipment.
Work with a professional to dial in you equipment.

9 What to say to someone who has already .

Keep on shredding!
Make it look beautiful, ride like a poet.
Riding hard should be about smooth power.
I would also encourage them to educate others and be a true snowboarder.
Get a soft set up for powder and a hard set up for groomers and ICE.
That way you can rip every day and always look and feel cool.

10 Tell us something that we didn't think.

Snowboarding is a cycle and as more riders get older they go back to skiing because snowboarding is "no fun".
They say it is no fun because they are too old for the pipe and park, this fact combined with the very soft freestyle and rail oriented boards makes for bad turns and boring days.
If the older generation can adapt and improve to being SOUL RIDERS, riding hard will be the next big cycle in Snowboarding.
A good back side turn is one of the hardest and consequently most beautiful things to do.
As a result most people can't, so they quit.
We need to change this!!!
How's your backside?  Make it powerful, style, and fast.
When people feel this they will always come back for more.
Everyone loves to go fast!!

Many Thanks,


Justin Reiter FIS Point list nel 2012 al 27 posto del ranking mondiale

Justin Reiter sul sito FIS

Justin Reiter sul sito del Team USA

Birth Year    1981
Home        Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Birth Place    Truckee, California
Height        5-11 circa 180 cm
Weight        155 lbs circa 70 kg
School        Colorado Mountain College
Club        Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club
Event        Alpine


2008    First World Cup podium (Italy)
2007    Six World Cup top 16s
2007    Three NorAm podiums (third in PGS at U.S. champs)
2006    National champ in PSL and PGS
2006    Five NorAm podiums
2005    World Championships Team member
2004    Win in PGS at NorAms, Crystal Mountain, Wash.
2004    Second in PGS at NorAms, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
2004    16th in PGS at Grand Prix, Park City, Utah
2003    Third in PGS at Canadian Nationals, Nakiska, CAN
2003    Fifth in SL at US Nationals, Aspen, Colo.

A headliner for the U.S. young guns, Justin Reiter marks the next generation of alpine riders for U.S. Snowboarding.
With a solid work ethic and technically sound riding, he looks to convert World Cup starts into World Cup podiums.
A two-time U.S. champion and a member of the 2005 and 2007 World Championships Team, he's got the experience to make it happen.

It was only three competitions into the 2009 season when, at the Landgraaf World Cup, Reiter was dealt a season-ending injury that took him off the World Cup tour and into healing and rehab mode.
But, with hard work and determination, Reiter is back and ready to go for the 2010 Olympic season having already made it through Landgraaf with a 16th-place finish and looking for more along the way.

At just 18-months-old, mom strapped Reiter to a pair of "teeny little red skis." He was a skier until seeing his first snowboard – he begged his parents until his stepfather came through with a Burton Performer Elite for Christmas.
He slept with it that night and now is an Olympic hopeful.

All about a day of freeriding:
"Any day shredding with friends when there is fresh snow in Steamboat and Crested Butte is the best. No competitions, no clocks, no coaches just plain old fashioned shredding."
I plan to pursue a career that is challenging, eco-friendly, creative, and unique – recently applied to San Francisco Art Academy.
I travel with iPod, Powerbook, yoga mat and a pillow.
Rocks A Tribe Called Quest, Thievery Corporation, AFI, Jack Johnson and Johnny Cash.
Wish I had a dog, but right now I travel too much for one.

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