The SG Plate System

2012 09 19
Hello Jacopo,
we are just preparing the website for the SG PLATE SYSTEM.

The price is 1000 euro.
There are 2 different flexes  M and H available.

The SG Plate System:

I have been developing and riding my own Plate-System for the last 3 years. In 2009 I have won the WorldCup on my first Carbon-Fibre-Plate. 

With all that experience in plate-riding and plate-developing I decided to design my plate in a serial-product which has many variations of stances and settings for every riding style. 

Now the SG Plate System is ready:

– It is suitable to ALL Snowboards with 4×4 inserts – Raceboards, Freecarveboards, SBX-Boards, Freerideboards (Soft- and Hardboot-riding).

– The System has a big range of possible settings: the mounting-brackets can be mounted on all positions on the 4×4 insert pattern of the snowboard.

– On the Plate you can choose of any stance-position from Alpine-style to Freeride-style.

– The materials are finest quality: Carbonfibre Plate + 7075 Aluminium – lightweigth, strong, the best you can get! (weight including all screws: less than 2 kg)

– The plate has additional adjustments to define the flex of the snowboard which is a great help on various snow-conditions (soft snow – stiffer flex, hard snow – softer flex, etc)

– The flexing and dampening of the plate can also be adjusted with different bumpers between the plate and the board.

… and the best thing is: Even there are so many possibilities to set your Plate System – it is very simple and easy to use!

The estimated price of the plate will be approximately € 1.000,–. We give you more information as soon as possible.




Author: jax

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