MK Snowboard Plates.Mihej Koblar

1 Name , Family name , date of birth , profession , usual spot e/o preferred spot.
Mihej Koblar, 1978, Mechanical engineer, Cerkno, Lom – Slovenia



2 Material used: boards , bindings , boots, helmet , goggles , clothing.
Oxess WC 185 + MK GS monoplate + F2 intec ti. + Deeluxe

3 Since when you are on hard snowboarding.
Since 1996

4 Why hard?
I've never tried soft…

5 What do you think about new tecnologies: decamber, rocker, taper, multi radius, materials such as carbon fiber and titanal , plates.
Progress is always welcome!

6 What could help the raise back of the hard snowboarding.
Friendly hardboot experts on slopes, pages like yours, magazines……

7 Training techniques.

8 Whath to say at whom is starting.
Ride, ride, ride…….and do not give up, at the end it is 100% worth of it!

9 Whath to say at whom has already.
Let's make some turns together!

10 Tell us something that we didn't thought
Let it be carving or racing, the winner is always the one with the biggest smile on his face!

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