OES 162 SL World Cup Edition + Vist

OES 162 SL World Cup Edition + Vist

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Aian De Jong

Here's my quick-and-dirty review of the SL 162 Worldcup with Vist plate:

Yesterday i rode the OES 162 SL World Cup edition with Vist plate. 

The World Cup edition has a progressive stiffness. It starts less stiff at the nose and ends very stiff at the tail. The advantages are: 1) easier initiation of the turn and (2) better exit and speed out of the turn. The first few runs i had to get used to the progressive radius (7-12 meters) compared to my SG Grabner Full Race Titan 163 (11 meters). When you shift your weight back and forth you can easily influence your radius, but i don't have to tell you this. 

After a few runs i became more accustomed to the progressive radius, so i could really start to test the board. The edge grip of the World Cup edition is great. This is also due to usage of a different sidewall compared to the Titanal edition and more advanced materials in the board, besides good torsional stiffness.

The board feels very lively and gives great feedback. It has some chamber, so you can get a real 'pop' if you ride the board more aggressively. 

The white top sheet finish is beautiful (nice, shiny and really white) and the board comes with a aluminum tail to protect it from delamination and people with skis scratching your board while waiting in line behind you 😉

OES offers a range of different base options. I choose the M base. This base is perfect for – 4 to -12 degrees Celcius, since i ride the board mostly on indoor slopes during the year. You can go a base for colder conditions or choose a base for warmer conditions.

Compared to the Full Race Titan, the OES nose is more snub. This results in more effective edge length, thus more grip.

To end my short review: i would not advise to use the World Cup for freecarving. After one hour on the board, my legs were quite exhausted. So, for freecarving go for the Titanal edition, which does not have the progressive flex.

This is less demanding on your legs.



Author: jax