Coiler Nirvana Mike T

Coiler Nirvana Mike T

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This is a review of two boards: My own "Nirvana Energy" 174, and a "Nirvana V-Cam" 174 that I demoed at SES.

The boards described in my SES demo board review from last year ( have since been dubbed "Nirvana Balance" by Bruce.

Everything I said last year applies to all three variants. The differences between the "Balance", "Energy" and "V-Cam" models in the same length and sidecut are subtle. (I've ridden all 3 in a 174, 12/14 sidecut now…)

The "Balance" model is IMHO the most well-rounded of the three. Please refer to the post from last year. For SES 2013 attendees, all three boards were back in the demo fleet, with the black p-tex 174 being a demo favorite.

The "V-Cam" model features a smoother and more positive initiation and hookup. It's probably the easiest-riding alpine board I've been on to date. The model at SES was shade stiff for my liking and it still performed beautifully on hero to soft snow. On hard snow I could see the potential but just wanted it softer. Still a surprising amount of pop given that it is such an "easy" board. This was the rainbow-flame demo with the topsheet tape still on.

The "Energy" model features a higher camber and more rebound. Mine is soft… probably as soft as I would ever want to go on an alpine board at my weight. I can overpower it if I try, but it is very lively, playful, "flirty". I can hammer on it on hard snow with excellent results and I need to remember to dial it back just a share on soft snow. Air between turns happens easily. This was the rainbow-flame with no topsheet tape that I was riding for much of SES.

There were a couple of other new Nirvanas in the demo fleet that I did not ride. One was an "Energy" model with a different sidecut – 10.5/12.7/12. The other was a 176 made for a lighter rider, which was somewhat… experimental, and from what I hear, not representative of the Nirvana ride.

The Nirvana tales the best of the Coiler VSR, Monster, Schtubby, and Classic and puts it into one board. Highly recommended!

Author: jax