Coiler Nirvana Ian M

Coiler Nirvana Ian M

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This is the most enjoyable carving stick I've ever owned, so I'm going to speak quite highly of it.

The specs are:

  • 176cm length, 20cm waist, 14-12m SCR, 16mm taper, high-camber 'energy' variant, perfect custom stiffness as usual.

The general vibe of this board is fun. I second Mike T's descriptors "lively", "playful", and "flirty". While it still rides with the quiet dampness you expect from a metal board, the Energy variant has just the right amount of life to it. Air transitions are easy to achieve, but are smooth and controlled. The feedback from the board about the rebound is very good; I am rarely surprised when the board airs, and the majority of the time when it's not launching, I find it easy to harness the rebound energy for fast edge transitions on narrow trails. Between the rebound and the variable sidecut, the board has incredible agility and turn size versatility.

Compared to my previous Stubby, which I asked Bruce to make stable and controllable, this board is a bit of a hot rod. I asked for something with more "gas pedal" this time, and this has it. All of the best characteristics from my previous Stubby and Factory Prime are in here; controllable dampness, grip, and mid-flex from the Stubby, and the playful energy (but smoother) from the FP. I asked Bruce to build this for my weight on perfect middle-of-the-road hero snow, and find that I can ride anything from glare ice to soft groom and crud with the right technique. No significant limitations from the board in terms of conditions.

The greatest strengths of this board are its ridiculous edge grip, playful energy, agility, and excellent feedback.

The only negative I've noticed is that this high-camber version is more difficult to feather from sliding to carving turns and vice versa. While I do miss that, it's worth giving up for all of the other benefits, especially considering that it's fairly rare that I am sliding turns. Bruce said that the other two lower-camber versions have less of this trait, but also slightly less edge grip if I remember correctly.

While it's great to talk specifics about different Coiler models, keep in mind that Bruce is able to tailor a board to suit your exact needs. Really, the most impressive thing to me about this Nirvana is that he nailed – for the second time – exactly what I asked him to build for me. Out of all the boards I've ridden, there is still something special about the Coiler feel, and how the board lets me know exactly what's up all the time without being too bossy 😛

Here's a quick clip of me riding it on Jet at Jay Peak. The narrowness of the run at the top demands tight turns and quick transitions, and the board helps with both of those. Remember this is 12/14m SCR.



Author: jax