Coiler Nirvana Najserrot

Coiler Nirvana Najserrot

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Had a chance to ride a Nirvana Balance for a solid week. 

170 -ish in length

10.5/12.7/12 sidecut

I normally ride a donek rev GS(11/16) and SL(7/11) so i will base my opinion on this. 

I have never been on such an easy plank to ride before i got on this one. 

The main thing i notice with the Balance is that it is far more superior in regards to versatility. I found that i could still have fun carving on less than ideal anow conditions as if that was not the case. Soft snow? Choppy snow? Hard pack? Wet spring conditions? NOT A PROBLEM. It will continue to ride smoothly.

But one thing i found it difficult to ride on was ICE. Most would say ICE is mostly technique. But with my crappy technique the REVs would bite on to the ice for dear life. With the Balance, not so much.

I really like the SCR. Weight in front and it makes small SL turns. Weight in the middle and I could skim elbows on the snow. The one i like is the third SCR on the tail wich slows the board during a turn when weighted on the back foot when necessary.

Where in the REVs like to be ridden fast and requires presence of mind 110%. The balance is a smooth relax easy going ride. Not much thinking and more like enjoying the flow of the turns. Every turn is a pleasure on this one. I actually get sad after the last turn.

If you are new to harboots, i would suggest this one. So easy to learn on

If  you l hve been on one for many years and want to still enjoy carving in not so stellar conditions? I sugest this board.

Maybe not for those who ride icy slopes

Author: jax