Donek Rev 163 review (freecarving)

Donek Rev 163 review (freecarving)

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Donek Rev

Day 2 on the new-to-me Donek Rev 163. Day 1 was on awful conditions so I didn't get a good feel for it. 

Well, yesterday let the true character of the board shine through! This could be a one-board quiver for many riders that don't only make huge GS turns. It makes tiny turns when you're up on the nose, big turns when you're on the tail, and anything between. No big surprise; it's designed to do exactly that so it'll cope with any race course. 

It'll happily finish turns to control speed, or end early so you rocket into the next one. It does prefer an aggressive weighting to start the turn, or it defaults to a big turn. When you're cranking it tight, it's a heck of a cardio workout! 

It's not happy at very high edge angles (80+ degrees? I don't know) on very firm snow! The board washed out and left marks only from the nose and tail. This is clearly a side effect of the deep sidecut; the only reason I note it is that it grips so very well up to that point and then surprises you when you're skidding on your stomach or hip. So I've discovered that SL boards aren't EC boards… Duh!

I took out the Rev first, then hopped on my favorite Coiler EC for about an hour, then went back to the Rev for the rest of the day. It takes something pretty special to usurp the Coiler EC! 

My verdict: Not for beginners who aren't comfortable starting a turn aggressively, but I'm in love. I think I'm going to put a lot of miles on this board!

Author: jax