OES 173-2FC/Spirited Construction kidqwik

OES 173-2FC/Spirited Construction

Da Bomber


I'd purchased an OES a few months ago, finally got to ride it today.

Communication with the company was great and I ordered the board they recommended based on my riding style that I described to them. When I unpacked the box I was a little frightened when I saw the camber, I can slide my foot under the board. The board holds an incredible edge, forearm grazing the snow with each turn and an incredible pop out of the turn. It was hero snow this morning so I can't wait to see how it handles the "east coast hardpack", judging from how the board rode, I think it will do well in all conditions. If anyone is thinking new board, definitely give OES a try, I'm at Liberty Mtn. every weekend if anyone in the mid-atlantic would like see one in person.

Author: jax