OES178 Sputnik wide GBCarver

OES178 Sputnik Wide GBCarver

Da Bomber


The Oes 178 wide is a very comfortable board. You need a bit of speed to turn, because the camber, then the board turn very easely.

The grip is  fantastic, the board is so comfortable, you do not have the impression of a technic board

You can vary the radius very easy without much power, its a real plaisure.

But you need to know to ride, comfortable do not mean beginner board.It is a big board with camber not for beginner.

A medium level is required and you can already have big fun with this board.

The advantage of this board is that you can ride with great grip, radical turn, super carving and great pleasure without getting tired fast. So you will be able to ride longer.

If you want a big board, powerful but not too tiring, this board is an exelente candidate.

A fantastic carving machine :1luvu:

Author: jax