OES 175 Wide GBCarver

OES 175 Wide GBCarver

Da Bomber


This board is fantastic.

A wonderfull carving machine.The board is 21 cm wide and have a good torsional stiffness . For this reason wenn you put the board on the edge, the result is amaizing. The grip is fantastic and you can push very well. The board turn perfecly and keep its trajectory.

For my size 1m67 and hardboots size 40, the pushpull technic is an advantage, you can turn relatively short and put  the edge  at high angles, and the board is very very stable.

I recommande this boad for all who like wide board, high angles turn, amazing feeling with lay down turn, good torsional stiffness grip.


Very very good board !!!!!! :1luvu:

Author: jax