SG Full Race 163cm Scrutton

SG Full Race 163cm Scrutton

Da Bomber

SG Snowboards

Set it up with Catek OS2 SI's, a re-purposed kitchen cutting board as a board protector.

Sugar Mountain, NC.

Slalom racing Sat, NASTAR course Sat (2 runs). GS racing Sun, NASTAR course Sun (2 runs).

I got three runs on it before the first race, loosened the legs up. It's my first wider-style modern shape metal board. I did put a few runs on a Bomber Plated SG 185 at SES last year.

The board camber is interesting; clearly it has a rockered nose that starts about a foot behind the tip of the nose. It has traditional camber also in the middle of the board

So, on the first run down the slalom course, I couldn't believe how damp and smooth the board felt. It seemed like the board stuck to the course, and I had to put about 1/2 as much effort into the run as I normally would. My first run, I was in and out of the ruts on the course, without any wobbles when going in and out.

Turn shape was perfect for a slalom course. Over the course of the weekends riding (on SL, GS, NASTAR), I had to watch myself, as on the easy gates, I turned a bit too much too early, and had to readjust my angle to the next gate.

After racing I started riding the groomed slopes. I was able to get the board way on edge, and the ground came up and met me nicely. The board is very confidence inspiring. Hitting ice, I occasionally lost the edge and regained it quickly without any wobble.

This one is a keeper, at least I hope so. Over the course of the weekend, the board took a few rock hits. Looks like 2 small core shots. It's off to the repair shop this week to see what can be done. The board was purchased used, and looks like it's got about 50% of its original life left. I'm hopeful that it can be repaired and put back into service.

Lots of compliments from the skiers on my riding this weekend. And after an early season of managing to get Bronze placing in NASTAR (on a mix of GS and soft-boot boards), I got 4 Silver placings this weekend on this board.

Author: jax