Riley Kilmer-Choi Apex Sport

Riley Kilmer-Choi Apex Sport

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Name: Riley Kilmer-Choi

Date of Birth: June 9th 1998

Home Town: Oakville, Ontario

Home Club: My home club is Alpine Ski Club.

Coach: Em Dee, Jonas Brook, Danielle Courchesne, Glenn Wood.

Equipment: Boots: UPZ Board: GS: Custom Kessler 180, Apex V2 SL: Custom Kessler 159, K plate world cup Bindings: F2, front: 54 Back: 52

When did you start snowboarding and how did you start racing?: I started snowboarding at the age of 5 and started racing at 7 because my dad was involved in adult racing and it always seemed more interesting to me than any other discipline as well my friends at the club also wanted to start racing.

Where is your favourite place to ride?: Alpine Ski Club, it’s the hill I grew up on. I also really enjoyed spending a month in Chile at El Colorado because of the awesome snow conditions.

Who is your snowboarding role model or hero?: I’ve always admired Matt Morison, he was a junior world champion and has 12 world cup podiums, he also trained with Jonas Brook one of my current coaches.

What do you do for fun when not snowboarding?: When not snowboarding I play football and golf.

What do you like best about competing?: I like the challenge of snowboard racing because of the adrenaline and the speed. There’s nothing like going head to head in an elimination round where you can win or lose by inches.

What are your goals as a snowboard racer?: My goals as a snowboarder are to eventually compete at the world cup and Olympic level but for now I am aiming for junior world championships.

Author: jax