Sense snowboards 2014

Sense snowboards 2014

Unique SENSE snowboards are intended for both, lovers of carving style and racers. And above all for those, who want to enjoy the manageable and responsive snowboards with a high degree of stability on edges.

With the help of SENSElab laboratory we can offer these properties in the boards for less demanding, recreational boarders as well as in those run by competitors in the World Cup. SENSE snowboards uniqueness is especially expressed in the choice of boards' width, which should correspond to the angle size of ties and shoes. Responsiveness, radios, side cuts and adjustment of board according to the weight, boarding knowledge and style of the customer are already proverbially our advantage, which boasts SENSE over the competitors. Boarding with test models only eases the decision in selecting the technical parameters and graphical motives of his new SENSE snowboard.

SENSE snowboards are well known for:
outstanding grip on the edge which allow careless carving. Which is necessary for pleasure and riding progress
simple manageability in all conditions and regardless of the length of the board
superior stability at higher speeds even with shorter boards
long life without changed characteristic
better radius efficiency (with SENSE snowboards you can make shorter turn than with other boards of the same length)

All snowboards have:

  • wooden, laminated core for optimum stiffness, flexibility and dumping of vibrations…
  • titanal reinforcement
  • inox inserts
  • aluminium heel
  • edge hardness: 48 shors
  • NHS graphite running base
  • antivibration elements from rubber, flax fiber and PVC
  • running base is stone processed with 0,02mm accuracy
  • ICP foil with “Clock” graphics

Carving models:

  • softer sidewall for smooth transfer of force on edge
  • carbon fiber reinforcement for optimum balance between torsional and flexinal stiffness
  • standard processing of running base
  • PURPOSE: extremely simple rideability

Carving Pro models:

  • stiffer and harder sidewall for better edge grip
  • carbon fiber reinforcement for maximum torsional stiffnes
  • core with antivibration elements for easy manoeuvreabilty even in extreme conditions
  • standard processing of running base
  • PURPOSE: extreme carving, tool for the most demanding riders

Race models:

  • combination of softer sidewall in nose and stiff sidewall in the rest of the board for smooth controlled corner entry
  • carbon fiber reinforcement for maximum torsional stiffnes
  • handmade reinforcement for optimum arrangement of torsional stiffnes over whole length of board
  • adaptive construction for different edge grip alongside the for easier and smoother transition from carving to skidding
  • racing processing of running base (structure type on demand)
  • PURPOSE: for world cup competitors

Custom models:
Custom snowboards include all elements of standard SENSE models but apply individual adjustment to riding style, weight or personal wishes in parameters. For calculating new parameters in SENSE Lab beside wishes we need customer information about gender and weight. And video clip of riding style.

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Author: jax